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[APPLICANT / TRIAL] watch this! Empty [APPLICANT / TRIAL] watch this!

Post  qrawl on Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:51 am

Hi applicant/trial, welcome on eupeo (european pwns everyone) official clansite!

Here at eupeo the application/trial process can take from one week up to 1 month as we like to test people to the maximum and see who is eupeo material. This also allows yourself to integrate and get to know the current members within the team.

During your application/trial process at eupeo, you will be expected to attend scrims regularly, visit the forums and be on teamspeak whenever possible.
Try to log onto the forums and teamspeak every time you’re online.
We are looking for maturity, skills and loyalty so please try and work on these aspects.

teamspeak information;
password: eupeo2009

You will need to add the following people on xfire:
qrawl (schaapjuhh)
achilleS (achilles112)

Please do not annoy leaders by asking for scrims all the time or asking about when a decision is going to be made about your application/trial process, because this could lead to you getting declined.

Goodluck applicant/trial,

european pwns everyone team.
eupeo admin / site admin

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