Scrim results - january

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Scrim results - january Empty Scrim results - january

Post  qrawl on Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:23 pm

Here are all the results since we started (4th december 2009)

NOTE: Our reports are on our private forums (members only)

Played matches: 6
Wins: 5
Draws: -
Loses: 1

eupeo 'nd 18-21 GLG [CUP]
eupeo 'nd 21-07 visiony.
eupeo 'nd 21-10 Effect* [CUP]
eupeo 'nd 21-12 eQualiity [CUP]
eupeo 'nd 21-15 PAG
eupeo 'nd 21-17 eskiimo [CUP]
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